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2019/06/24: The Bank of Mongolia awarded the CYFI “Best Collaborator 2019” award
2019/05/17: CHART PACK - Graphs on the Mongolian economy and financial markets
2019/05/03: OP Ed: A Better Alternative to Interest Rate Caps
2019/04/19: The Bank of Mongolia organized "Economic policy forum"
2019/03/01: "US dollar transaction and requirements of international organizations" conference
2019/02/28: The Bank of Mongolia and the Mongolian Sustainable Finance Association announce the "Best ToC-Bank" competition
2019/02/25: In collaboration with the Mongolian Parliament, the Bank of Mongolia organized a forum on Monetary and Financial Stability
2019/02/22: Mongolia Celebrates "Global Money Week"
2019/02/01: The Bank of Mongolia purchases 597 kg of gold in the first month of 2019
2019/01/31: The IMF team visits Mongolia to continue the sixth review discussions
2019/01/22: Quarterly inflation report has presented
2019/01/21: The Bank of Mongolia initiates the campaign "Banking sector development - 95 years"
2019/01/15: The Bank of Mongolia releases new series of silver commemorative coins
2018/12/31: The Bank of Mongolia has purchased 22 tons of gold
2018/12/31: External auditor’s special review on quasi-fiscal policy activities that implemented between 2012-2016
2018/12/28: 5000 tugrik note with upgraded protection element
2018/12/17: Open Letter of the Monetary Policy Committee
2018/11/27: Monetary policy statement
2018/11/15: The Parliament of Mongolia has Approved the State Guideline for the Monetary Policy of 2019
2018/11/06: Series of books on the history of nomads’ payment instruments were issued
2018/11/01: Specialists from Germany will organize theoretical and practical joint training for Mongolian banking sector employees
2018/09/20: MONETARY POLICY STATEMENT - 2018/03
2018/09/14: EBRD launches Regional Small Business Programme
2018/06/18: MONETARY POLICY STATEMENT - 2018/02
2018/05/03: Members of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Mongolia have been appointed
2018/05/01: Bank of Mongolia purchases 988.8 kg of gold as of April 2018
2018/04/06: Notice of inviting expression of interest
2018/03/30: Statement
2018/03/26: ​ MONETARY POLICY STATEMENT - 2018/01
2018/02/23: Information on the Results of Asset Quality Review
2018/02/07: IMF Reaches Staff-Level Agreement on the Third Review of Mongolia’s EFF
2018/01/12: Housing price index in Ulaanbaatar - Dec, 2017
2018/01/02: The foreign exchange reserves of Mongolia have reached USD 3.0 Billion