Banking Resolution And Policy Department

Director of Banking Resolution and Policy Department: Mr. Ariunbat N.

Bank resolution and policy department /BRPD/ is responsible for setting and monitoring regulations on bank management, prudential ratios and other requirements consistent with the Banking Law, through which it works to protect the interests of the stakeholders and strengthen the banking sector stability. Banking resolution and policy department is comprised of the Bank resolution, Licensing, Banking policy and Risk assessment divisions.

Following are the key aspects of BRPD’s functions:

  • Formulating, revising, and amending regulations and methodologies on all bank activities, monitoring implementation of current regulations and methodologies,
  • Formulating, augmenting, implementing, researching, and incorporating international best practices into banking legislations, regulations, and policies,
  • Researching and harmonizing bank accounting practices regulations with international standards,
  • Overseeing and permitting liquidation or restructuring of banks, initiating, conducting, and concluding forceful resolution of banks,
  • Researching, analyzing, and confirming the validity of requests submitted by individuals or legal entities for the purpose of establishing and operating a bank or units thereof, determining the fit of members of the board, senior management,
  • Approving the structure of capitalization and its additional contributions, approving the composition of shareholders,
  • Cooperating and assisting the execution of technical assistances towards banking supervision hosted by international organizations, effectuating their recommendations,
  • Formulating and initiating policies of macro and micro prudential nature,
  • Identifying and evaluating material risks in the banking sector, monitoring and examining risk developments and trends, performing forward looking stress-tests,
  • Conducting horizontal review across all banks.