The Bank of Mongolia’s Human Resource Management

Overseeing the state monetary policy and as a central bank, the Bank of Mongolia’s main human resources strategy is to hire candidates with diverse knowledge about banking sector and to support with regular trainings.

In accordance with the operations guidelines and goals provided in the Law of Mongolia on Central Bank (The Bank of Mongolia), internal comptrollers, foreign currency reserves and money supply managers, monetary policy developers and implementers are required to successfully complete their degrees in banking, finance and accounting disciplines and pass the Bank of Mongolia’s entrance examinations. Furthermore, they are required to know English at a professional level, be ethically educated and be capable of conducting researches, deriving implications, and developing policy documents.

Our organization maintains transparency and fairness. We also design a compensation system offering as competitive a salary as other state entities and promote well-being of our employees. Compensation amount is determined benchmarking on other state organizations’ compensation system with operations alike.

Learning and innovation are reinforced in accordance with maintaining stable operations and improving performance. Work environment is such that knowledge and proficiency are promoted and daily work duties are inclined to constitute learning environment.

The priority in the area of human resources education is defined in line with action plan and they are to be developed foremost. Training programs are tailored to meet employees’ demand and specific needs.

Available job positions are instantly posted on career.mongolbank.mn.