Code of conduct on accessibility for visitors

/Internal labor regulation of The Bank of Mongolia/

12.1 Meeting with Governors

  • 12.1.1 Visitors are required to make meeting requests to the Governors’ assistants in advance and make meeting appointments regarding both private and business matters.
  • 12.1.2 Governors are available for business meetings with individuals during office hours on Monday through Thursday and before noon on Friday. Private meetings with individuals are available at 16:00-17:30 on Friday. The assistants make appointments considering Governor’s schedules.
  • 12.1.3 The assistants provide the security with list of appointments including visitors’ names.
  • 12.1.4 Only presidents are allowed to hold meetings in the halls on the second floor.

12.2 Meeting with Directors

  • 12.2.1 Visitors are required to make appointments with Directors’ assistants and meetings are held in office rooms or meeting rooms.
  • 12.2.2 The list of visitors’ names with appointments is submitted to the assistants ahead of the meeting times.

12.3 Meeting with Officers

  • 12.3.1 Officers are allowed to meet visitors in meeting facilities. Junior officers are informed about the arrangements and asked to take notes and hereby grant individuals access to the bank facilities.
  • 12.3.2 Officers are allowed to have only business meetings with visitors in their offices as per Directors’ approval. Taking into officers’ requests, Directors notify their assistants of accessibility.

12.4 Reception of representatives of both domestic and overseas entities and organization of other events such as meetings and seminars at the Bank of Mongolia

  • 12.4.1 Directors are required to submit list of participants’ names to their assistants a day ahead of business meeting, conference, seminar and other events.
  • 12.4.2 Order of Governor regulates matters of welcoming reception of both domestic and overseas visitors, making cooperation agreement, official business meeting, banquet, and presentation of souvenirs, greetings and other ceremonies.
  • 12.4.3 General management department is accountable for providing the list of visitors’ names mentioned in 12.4.2.
  • 12.4.4 Meeting minutes are carried out according to the template in the Appendix 5.
  • 12.4.5 Directors are accountable for making presentation of meeting minutes to the Governors within 3 business days if necessary, executing any resolutions and reporting results.
  • 12.4.6 Directors are accountable for delivering resolutions to other relevant departments and branches for cooperation and submitting the original meeting minutes to the General management department within the period stated in 12.4.5.

12.5 Entry to the Bank of Mongolia

  • 12.5.1 Individuals are granted entry only at 9:30-12.30 and 14:30-17:30 except for exceptional circumstances.
  • 12.5.2 Assistants are accountable for providing visitors stated in 12.1.3, 12.2.1, 12.2.2,12.3.1, 12.3.2 and 12.4.3 microchip card keys and registering their entrance and exit times.
  • 12.5.3 Visitors are allowed to access only permitted areas.
  • 12.5.4 Directors are allowed to grant meeting permissions in local branches.
  • 12.5.5 Authorized to carry gun and firearms, banks’ security guards are granted access only when they transfer money into or out of the bank.
  • 12.5.6 Banks are required to submit security guards’ names mentioned in 12.5.5 to the General management department in advance. Otherwise, they are prohibited from entrance.
  • 12.5.7 If necessary, the security is permitted to conduct search of gun, firearm, knife and other fighting tools in visitors.

12.6 Denying entry to the Bank of Mongolia

Accesses are denied under following circumstances:

  • 12.6.1 Individuals carrying gun and firearm, knife, fighting tools. This does not apply to officers executing their official duties.
  • 12.6.2 Drunk and intoxicated persons.
  • 12.6.3 Casually dressed persons wearing sport clothes, jeans and shorts.
  • 12.6.4 Persons with odd clothing make-up and hair.
  • 12.6.5 Persons not carrying identification.
  • 12.6.6 Persons under the age of 18. This does not apply to employees’ children.
  • 12.6.7 Salespersons who would like to make sales and do any services.
  • 12.6.8 Other instances stated in Laws.