Economic Research And Training Institute

Economic Research and Training Institute of Mongolia (ERTI) was established in 2018 with aims to conduct economic research that promotes sustainable economic development over the medium to long-term. The institute also provides trainings intended for policymakers, government officials and finance sector professionals. Following are key aspects of ERTI’s functions:

  • Development of policy research and empirical research to support public policy to facilitate appropriate policy decisions;
  • Conduct research and compile, store, and enrich data in numerous areas such as external and internal economic environment, economic growth, fiscal policy, financial market, social development, labor market, industry, agriculture, and natural resources;
  • Gradually implement measures to create an environment for close cooperation with other government organizations, ministries and offices, as well as provide other government bodies in Mongolia with necessary economic policy research;
  • Develop policy recommendations based on the consequences of research and analysis, conduct research and develop proposals aimed at analyzing and evaluating the impact of public policy implementation;
  • Publish approved research papers, present them in the form of reports at meetings and conferences, and submit them to relevant organizations as recommendations;
  • Cooperate with foreign and domestic academic institutions in the field of research and training;
  • Present research findings to government officials and finance sector professionals; develop and organize intermediate and advanced training programs designed for financial sector professionals;
  • Develop and organize training programs for employees of regional divisions and branches of The Bank of Mongolia in cooperation with relevant departments;
  • Involve relevant experts from the Bank of Mongolia and non-governmental organizations on all levels of training programs.