General Management Department

Director of General Management Department: Mr. Purevsuren G.

In order to execute the Central bank law, and to maintain the stability of the banking system, General management department of the BOM organizes daily work activities of Central bank’s front office, branches, and a representative office. Its functions are as follows:

  • To implement exclusive power of the Governor, First deputy governor, deputy governor, and arrange communication with government and non -government organizations by acceptance of the Governor on behalf of the BOM
  • To improve the structure of the Central bank front office, branches and units
  • To provide the board of the directors with function act, do oversight and supervise fulfillment of decision of the Board of directors meeting
  • To improve functions and responsibilities of departments, and monitor their fulfillment
  • To be in charge of human resource strategy of the BOM, and organize training and retraining programs related issues
  • To elaborate regulations and rules, related to internal arrangements, such as internal labor regulation and to monitor its implementation
  • To settle and resolve issues between administration and employees within related laws and regulations
  • To organize and attend to the complaints and request of employees, pensioners, organizations, and public
  • To be in charge of the central bank’s security, archive works, chancellery, post, fax, foreign correspondence, order of books and media, library
  • To consolidate the budget revenue and expenditure, and investment plan of the BOM
  • To monitor budget consolidation of departments, divisions and units
  • To organize meetings, receptions and ceremonial services
  • To be in charge of property and buildings protection, its usage, repair services of technical utilities, and safety of working environment, it’s cleaning