Supervision Department

Director of Supervision Department: Mr. Narandalai Ts

The Supervision Department ensures and promotes effective banking supervisory and orderly bank resolution framework with supervisory and resolution functions independently organized from each other to ensure effectiveness. This department preserves its core supervisory functions from the previous department structure to conduct banking supervision. The department is comprised of 3 divisions, 2 of which are in charge of conducting regular supervisory activities (Supervision division I and Supervision division II) and one division purely responsible for conducting supervision and formulating policies on AML/CFT issues (AML division).

Following are key aspects of the Supervision Department:

  • Implement full-scope or partial on-site inspection of regulated banks to determine if they are in-line with banking-related legislations, regulations and other requirements;
  • conduct and update risk assessments on AML/CFT and Proliferation financing on both sectoral and individual bank’s bases
  • submit and present the examination reports comprised of supervisory findings and recommended actions (ranging from precautionary to enforcement actions) the Bank Supervision Committee and conduct follow-up measures based on the committee’s decision;
  • receive and assess monthly financial statements from banks and make necessary adjustments if necessary;
  • review business plans, Corporate Governance assessment reports submitted by banks and issue recommendations based on assessment;
  • set AML/CFT requirements on banks in line with AML/CFT Law, Law on Counter Terrorism and proliferation financing and international standards;
  • supervise and monitor banks to ensure their effective assessment and management of ML/TF risk and implementation of national and international AML/CFT and proliferation financing requirements.
  • support operation of National Cooperation Council and Cooperate with Financial Information Unit and Financial Regulatory Commission