20 000 ₮

  • Year of first issue: 2006
  • Size /mm/: 72х150
  • Basic color: Green
  • Front design: Portrait of Chinggis Khaan
  • Reverse design: The State Nine Flags
Security features
  • The background picture, especially the denomination “20000” and inscription “Mongolia” in traditional scripts on the front side are printed in intaglio with high tactility when tilted with fingers
  • The State symbol “Soyombo” with denomination “20000” appears on the holographic patch on the front side of banknote
  • The inscription “MONGOLBANK” is printed in microprint on the lower-front, left corner of the banknote
  • The portrait of Chinggis Khaan and the letters “МБ” appear in watermark on the right-front side of banknote when viewed against the light
  • The circles on the both side of Chinggis Khaan’s order card perfectly coincide when viewed against the light
  • The four horsemen on the lower right corner of the banknote will appear with different changing backgrounds when viewed from angles
  • The inscription “MONGOLBANK” and State symbol “Soyombo” interchangeably appear on the 3 mm security thread on the back side of banknote
  • The portrait of Chinggis Khaan, background of “Soyombo”, and Denomination “20000” will appear in green under UV-light
  • The security fibres in the banknote as a whole, fluorescent in colors, are only visible under UV-light