State Treasury Exhibition

The Mongolian currency name the “togrog” has been used from December 9, 1925, when a new 18 grams of silver-backed banknote was issued into the circulation. 3 years later, in 1928, the Mongolian Trade and Industry Bank of Mongolia (the Bank of Mongolia) has backed the togrog by gold and from this very moment, the beginning of the State’s treasury was laid out.

With a special care and attention that had been given to enriching the State’s treasure, a rich collection of rare and valuable treasures of Mongolian history and culture has been accumulated. Thus, in 1983, a separate “State Fund of Treasures” was established at the Bank according to the resolution No.101 of Council of Ministers of the People’s Republic of Mongolia.

In 1991, the Parliament of Mongolia approved the “Banking Law” and established a two-tier banking system. As a core of the banking system the Bank of Mongolia has carried out the activities of the State treasury within its operation. In 1994, the “Law on the State Treasury” has been approved, which derived from the Guidelines of State Treasury, and it has strengthened its legal status and assured security.

The State Treasury puts its best efforts in collecting rare, historical, and cultural valuables and artifacts with precious metals and stones, and based on this the Bank of Mongolia works to enrich its reserve. On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the establishment of banking system in Mongolia, the State Treasury Museum was opened to the public, presenting some of the reserves’ most precious items.

Many historical, cultural, and inherited valuables, including ancient coins from Genghis Khan’s time, commemorative coins made from precious metals, golden, silver and jade seals used by Bogd Khan – a religious and state leader of Mongolia, the diploma words written on golden pages conferred to Bogd Khan by Manchu, Tibetan, and Chinese authorities, and other extraordinary artifacts and materials made from silver and gold are exhibited in the museum to the public.

Individuals and groups interested in visiting the "State Treasury Museum" may submit their request to the Bank of Mongolia, prior their visit, with a regarding itinerary that indicates the supposed date of a visit. The admission is carried out in accordance with the list of the application at presence of the identification document.

Working hours of State Treasury Museum:
Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm. Closed weekends & Public Holidays.

For more information and reservation please contact:
(976-11) 319543, (976-11) 319532, (976-11) 329677